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Top 10 SEO Mistakes That May Harm Your Blog

10 SEO mistakes that may harm your blog

In today’s world, SEO has become the key success for online business and people are now focusing mostly on blogging to make money online. There are many SEO mistakes which, if not avoided, can ban your website or blog. I want to list 10 common SEO mistakes which should be avoided, in order to increase your chance in search engine result pages.

  • Repeating the same keyword in the Title Tag: Using the same keyword in your title will reduce the weightage of those keywords.
  • Wrong selection of keywords: Perform a thorough analysis of your keywords that you are targeting for, only target keywords that are relevant to your niche.
  • High Keyword Density: Make sure to include the targeted keyword/keywords in your blog post maintaining the appropriate keyword density. Don’t put your keyword in every link or paragraph as it will make your post irrelevant and spammy.
  • URL’s not containing any keywords (Permalink): Include your targeted keyword in your URL but don’t stuff with keywords as this might lead to keyword spamming.
  • Never use duplicate content: Content is the king. Fresh and unique content updated in a regular basis is the key to succeed in search engines. So never use duplicate content.
  • Submitting Blog on Irrelevant Directories: Many SEO professionals do this deadly mistake by submitting your website links on poor, negligible traffic directories just to get one way backlinks as it leads you to backlink spamming. Search engines consider these links as “Backlink Spamming” and you could lose your current search engine listing and PageRank as well.
  • Not giving unique Title & Meta Tags: Using the same title, description and keywords in all the blog post will harm your blog listing. Always make sure to provide unique Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords relevant to your blog post.
  • Having Invisible Text: Don’t use invisible texts in your blog to ensure high ranking in search engines as these will put you in the bad books of search engines.
  • Not using relevant image ALT/TITLE tags: Don’t stuff ALT/TITLE attributes with your keywords as it will be considered as spamming by the search engines.


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