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4 Important SEO building blocks for a successful brand online

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Optimisation, knowledge-content creation, crawlability and brand engagement are all important components to focus while building a successful brand online.SEO is one of the major foundation blocks for a brand’s success as it helps in reputation building and improves visibility across the web. If optimized properly following the search engine’s guidelines, SEO can dramatically improve your brand’s online presence, drive traffic to your website and feeding them into your conversion path.

Before taking your SEO to the next level, you need to dig down your current SEO status and basis which need to figure out the next level of action.



Effective SEO begins with optimisation. SEO is not about just building a search-engine friendly website; it’s about improved user experience too!!! That’s why a website’s speed, design architecture, high-quality content, mobile responsiveness play a major role in search engine listing. Each and every component needs to be properly optimised following the search engine’s latest guidelines to boost search engine listing.

Irrespective of your business genre, your user experience will be formed basis on how your users feel about the different aspects of your website starting from relevant quality content, content discovery, appealing design to your brand authority.

Knowledge-content creation

Content creation

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. The content strategy should start from your audience research, keyword research and finally, SEO rich content creation. All these combines together will eventually help you in creating content that converts into profitable traffic.

While doing your audience research, analyse on the unique knowledge base relating to your business domain and how can you fit those content in your website. This will definitely position you advantageously over your competitors.



Discovery of your website in search engines is one of the crucial factors for uplifting your search engine listing. Crawlability and indexability play a significant role in your website discovery. Crawlability and indexability play a significant role in your website discovery. Crawlability is the search engine’s ability to access and crawl content on a page while indexability refers to the search engine’s ability to analyze and add a page to its index.

Internal site link structure plays a pivotal role in your site’s crawlability. A good internal link structure allows the search engine crawlers to quickly access even those pages residing deep in your site’s structure. A poor structure, however, might send it to a dead end, resulting in the web crawler missing some of your content.

Brand engagement

brand engagement

User engagement is as important as visibility in the search engines. Not only does it increase the awareness of your brand, it also helps to boost your SEO rankings. The problem with user engagement is that there is no method to measure directly if your customer engagement is a healthy one or not.

When a prospect visits your website or more specifically a landing page you designed exclusively for your services, you have a maximum of 8 seconds to impress the customer before he/she leaves your website. In this limited period of time, you have to assure them that your service is useful for them. If customers start leaving your website within a short duration of time, it will increase the bounce rates and decrease your position in the Google SERPs.

Engaged customers will represent your business more effectively through social media, blogs, videos and even word of mouth. Your website is the backbone of your online presence. Therefore, make sure you employ the proper customer engagement tactics to rake in potential traffic.

Conclusion: There are no magic pills in SEO. The more on trend, relevant, and well-optimized your site is, the better the chances customers will both find and engage with your brand.

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