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5 Instagram Tips for Beginners

Instagram tips for beginners

Tips to rock Instagram like a Boss!!

With such a huge fan base and popularity, I wonder you are yet a beginner. But don’t worry it’s always better to be late than never 😉

So here is the thing, Instagram is not just a social media platform to share photographs but is a whole lot of other things. Trust me when I say that it’s a wonderful platform for marketing purpose. Many businesses are more than just enjoying the attention they get through Instagram!! The simplest key for marketing is to get the desired audience to listen and thanks to Instagram, it has all sorts of target audience. Make your case interesting and they will listen!

Here are 5 tips to help you as a beginner and as a business owner…

Follow the Trend/Users

Find users to follow, probably most of your social media friends are already using Instagram. Start with them & known acquaintances. Other than that, you can follow someone who has been an inspiration to you or your favorite celebs, Brands and even TV shows!! Instagram trends gain popularity in the blink of an eye!! So, stay up to date with the latest trends!!

Be consistent

Try posting at least once a day at various times. You can post anything, maybe some inspirational quote, a casual “throwback” pic. If you have a business to promote, then post creatively about the product, features or maybe testimonials. Just be active!!

Include relevant Photographs/Videos

It’s a very old trick!! Use colorful images to gain attention. Also, people might not read what you write but they will watch an interesting short video on the same content!! Include an interactive photograph or a small video with your post and it will just do fine!!

Use Hash Tags

Hashtags are a great way to not only discover but have your post discovered by more individuals. Use relevant # and right people will find your post. The keywords that you use with # will be linked to a page that shows all posts uploaded with that hashtag.

Be interactive

Actively respond to the comments that you receive on your post and comment on the other post you like!! Try asking questions, complementing and connecting more with people through comments. Just remember to stay away from negativity, it is not entertained anywhere!!

So…!!! Follow these and you are ready to conquer!! Happy Instagraming!!!

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