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5 Ways to do Keyword Research like a Pro

how to do keywords research

Keyword research is one of the critical SEO components which is being used to identify popular and trending keywords searched by the users for the respective genre. Good keyword research helps in recognizing your target audience as well as the user search trends for your services and products. A website or portal well optimised for search engines help a site rank better than your competitors. 

Here are the 5 ways to do keyword research for your website:

Keywords Discovery:

The first and foremost component of optimising a site is to develop a keyword list. Now you check for relevant keywords using this list in different keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, etc. These tools help to figure out more relevant additional keywords that ensure incredible traffic to your website.

Keywords search volume:
Keywords search volume approximately gives an idea about how many people are searching for a particular keyword in a given timeframe. This helps you to have an idea about what all keywords will drive traffic to your website. If the search volume of your targeted keyword is low then it reduces the probability of content discovery through search engines.

Understanding the long and short tail keywords:
Short tail keywords basically consist of 1-3 words while long-tail keywords are more than 3 words. E:G: make money online is a short-tailed keyword while how to make money online blogging is a long-tailed keyword. Short-tailed keywords are competitive compared to long-tailed keywords. Though the number of traffic is lower for long-tailed keywords, the conversion rate is more than the short-tailed keywords as the search terms are very specific to user intent. Currently, long-tailed keywords contribute almost 70% of the searches.

Keyword density:
Keyword density refers to the frequency of your targeted keywords appearing in the content with respect to the total number of words in the content. For better optimization of your website, keyword density needs to be balanced, a high keyword density is an indicator of spamming. There is no ideal keyword density, search engine algorithms has moved on from there, rather focus on the natural copy, thereby implementing your related key phrases. It is not recommended to stuff your content with keywords to improve search engine listing.

Competitive analysis:
You need to do a thorough keywords competitive analysis about your competitors apart from the keyword research on Google. The better you understand the search intent of your users, the better it will be for your SEO. Creating a list of master keywords and identifying their respective competitive level will help you to figure out the difficulty level of your targeted keywords. 

Good keyword research will always give you a kick-start to your content development. The end goal is of-course to drive more traffic and thereby ensuring more revenue to your website. 

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