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Mithu SarkarMy name is Mithu Sarkar. I’ m here to share some of my industry experience and learning. I have started my career with the renowned e-greeting company as an SEO professional in 2006. Though being a qualified Master’s Degree holder in Computer Science I never really dreamed of becoming an Online Marketing Professional ever in my life but call it my luck or destiny that’s what happened to me. Later on I have worked with various genres of Web Design, Development & Marketing but SEO still remains my first love. SEO is a unique art as well as science to influence real people of the world to get attracted to you or your company as a brand. There was a time when everybody talked about SEO but that was before Web 2.0 came into play, as Web 2.0 progressed towards Web 3.0 lot of other terms were coined which together form today’s definition of Online or Web Marketing techniques. They are terms like SEM, SMM, SMO, etc, etc.

As we go on I’ll try to explain each and every term ever uttered with respect to Online Marketing Techniques but interestingly web is ever growing hence there won’t any end to our journey till I lose my capacity to write!