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How to Setup the Featured Tabs Widget in your Genesis Child Themes?

Genesis framework is by far one of the best framework for WordPress platform. many small and big companies are now using Genesis framework for setting up their websites. If you can customize and optimize as per your requirements, from the child themes that available under Genesis framework then your site not will not only have an edge over your competitors but it will fulfill your requirement without much investment into it.

Featured Tabs Widget is a great addition to the StudioPress resource. Here is a demo of Featured Tabs.
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How to Write and Publish a Post in WordPress?

A step by step guide to write your first WordPress post:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administration panel (, replace with your owned domain)
  2. Click the Posts tab in the left panel
  3. Click the Add New Sub Tab  located under the Posts menuAdd New WordPress Post
  4. Put the title of your post in the Title field (read Enter title here written in gray), try not to use special characters in the title field
  5. Leave the Permalink field as is,  WordPress generates the Permalink from the title you have entered
  6. Select Visual (generally Visual is selected by default, do a double check before starting to put your content) [Read more…]

How to Create a Custom 404 Page for Genesis

A 404 error page is displayed whenever the page or post you are trying to access on a website is unavailable. For your website developed with Genesis framework, a 404 error page by default displays a page filled with content which includes pages, categories, authors, archieves and your most recent posts. Now this 404 error page is mandatory for any website and instead of having a default one, you can easily create a customized 404 page. [Read more…]

How To Rename A Genesis Child Theme?

How To Rename A Genesis Child Theme?
Genesis Framework from StudioPress is one of the best frameworks I have ever used for developing a WordPress site. It is highly flexible and customizable, all sorts of customization are achievable based on your requirements. The best thing about Genesis is it comes with 35+ child themes that offers you to develop any niche website within a very short period of time. I”ll be sharing couple of tutorials on different Genesis Child Theme customization in a series of posts, the first topic to share with you is “How to Rename Genesis Child Theme”. Renaming your child theme is essential for branding purpose. [Read more…]