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Common Mistakes When You Design A Website

Common Mistakes When You Design A Website

Your website is the “face” of your business which reflects the unique qualities of your business itself. Now a days’ almost every successful business owners has a website and people are so accustomed of visiting websites that they can easily make out the difference between a good and poor website design. A designer must follow these simple guidelines while designing website for online businesses:

Don’t Be Too Flashy

The website should be balanced with all the elements needed to reflect your nature of business. It should not be overloaded with non-text items like images and flashes. Users land at your website expecting to get necessary information about your products and services and not to see digital animation – so use flash wisely in your website design.

Don’t Strain the Eye

Choosing the right font and color of your texts is an essential component of your website design. While choosing the color you need to check if it is readable on the background color of your website. Font size should not be too small or too large or very complex to read.

Incomprehensible Alignment

Alignment is the structure framework of your design – for balancing your website you need to concentrate on the alignment of your website elements and content. It is important to use all the space you have in your page with symmetry – don’t leave any blank space but at the same time keep in mind not to overcrowd your page with too many elements or content.

Website Navigation

Website navigation is one of the important elements while designing your website. It should be user-friendly where the visitors find everything just so easy to explore. You need to check for broken links and fix errors regularly.

Browser Compatibility

After designing your website, don’t forget to test your website on multiple browsers to check its compatibility. Check the errors if any and fix the bugs and retest it until it is compatible in all the browsers.

Page Loading Time

Keep a constant eye on the loading time of your website. Using too many Javascript, images/flash slow down in the web page the loading time. You need to optimize your code and design elements to avoid the loading issue.

Designing a website is easy but make sure to follow the guidelines and you”ll see an increase in visitors to your website. If you are interested in designing your website, please feel free to contact us (info[at]


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