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Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Currently Facebook has emerged as a popular model for online promotion and advertisement. Facebook is being used by most of the business owners to promote their products, services and offerings.

Marketing your business through Facebook adds a great value and gives you an advantage over your competitors who are still not using Facebook for their promotion. Facebook is growing as a popular marketing platform in the internet marketing industry and with over half a billion user worldwide, you can’t ignore Facebook while promoting your business online.  Your first step should be creating a Facebook business page if you are interested to use Facebook as a marketing tool.

Here are some tips that every business owners should follow while utilizing Facebook as their marketing medium:

  • Optimize your Facebook Business Page with relevant company information
  • Feature yourself as the Page Owner
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s new Timeline Feature and design a professional looking cover photo that represents your business
  • In addition to the cover photo, Facebook also allows you to create landing page app where you can have a full fledged web page with images, videos, opt-in, and call to action
  • Post interesting updates, share information of value regularly which will encourage users to join your page but keep in mind there shouldn’t be too much update that it will cause your fans to unsubscribe from your news feed
  • Use your Facebook page to create buzz about your business offerings, products and services and invite people to LIKE your page
  • Create Events to boost promotions of special occasions
  • Promote your products through promotional offers and discounts only for Facebook fans at regular intervals
  • Organize regular contests and polls to drive more traffic to your Facebook page
  • Make sure to communicate with your fans regularly and respond to their queries preferably within 24 hours.

Use Facebook Ads to reach millions of Facebook users and improve traction e.g., Likes, Comments, Shares. Design your Ad carefully with right kind if image and copy, choosing appropriate target audience.

Facebook now allows Page Managers to promote a particular post as well.

Keep track of your Facebook page insights by regularly checking Facebook insights reports, this is a great analytics tool to measure what’s right and wrong for your page.

Facebook is constantly changing and evolving. So you should always keep yourself updated with the latest Facebook features in order to maintain the standard and quality of your page. Facebook is great for promoting your business in the social media sphere and it also enhances brand value of your business.


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