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How To Boost Your Business With Pinterest?

How To Boost Your Business With Pinterest?Pinterest is the new rockstar of social media and is rapidly gaining in popularity lately with more and more individual users and businesses joining everyday. Pinterest is a photo sharing social network and has become a new addiction for net savvy people which provides you opportunity to promote your business. Now you have another option to connect and communicate with your customers more quickly and easily. Pinterest has been listed in the 50 Best Websites of 2011 by Time magazine.

Let’s take a look on How to Boost Your Business with Pinterest as a new method of social media marketing for your business.

Time Management:  Like all other social network, Pinterest also needs investment in time to boost your online presence. Create a strategy which will act as your guide to increase your online reputation as the concept of pinning images can be really addicting and at times you might lose track of time and your goals.

Audience Targeted Pinboards: Every business has a targeted audience of its own, at times it’s a lot more than one. So create a unique pinboard for each one of them and pin it with items specific to the audience.

Product Boards: Pinterest has clarified in Terms of Service that direct sales content cannot be pinned. However, with a little blend of creativity, business owners can promote their products and boost their online brand presence thus generating more traffic and sales revenue.

Content Sharing: The key to being successful on Pinterest is to have appealing photos. Make sure to upload high resolution images to promote your web presence. If you are looking to build your brand, everything you share must be related to your brand.

Include links to your website: Always provide URLs of your landing page, blog, website and/or your website’s different internal pages relevant for  the pinned image which in turn will drive your potential customers to your site.

Video Pinboards: If you have videos that gives tips about your products and services and are published in Youtube or your blog/website, don’t forget to pin them as this will ensure in driving more traffic to your website and broaden your audience.

Conduct Contests: Contests are always a great way to generate interest for your brand/products through social media. Let your customers pin photos of themselves wearing your products and give a prize to the best one.

Build Relationships: Pinterest offers a place for you to build relationships and expand your network. It’s a perfect place for sharing tips and giving people the chance to know you and have trust on you. To build a relationship with other Pinteresters, you need to  repin interesting images, LIKE the pins you resonate with, and make comments on other users’ pins and lastly, don’t forget to respond to and engage with anyone interacting with your Pinterest boards.

Always keep in mind with Pinterest and for all other social media sites that matter is that they are not a onetime deal. You must be active in all the social media sites that you are in and provide regular updates to increase your online presence and keep the followers engaged.


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