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How to design a SEO friendly website?

How to Design SEO Friendly Websites?

When it comes to creating a great looking website to popular your brand in the world wide web, it is the designers who make the very foundation of it. Just as the web designers have the magic wand to make a gorgeous looking website; a SEO strategy holds the key to get your website ranked in search engines and gain more visibility. As a web designer or blogger, it’s important you understand how SEO works while designing your website.

There are a couple of things you need to follow to make your design optimized at the very start. Let’s take a look.
Clean HTML structure
An uncluttered HTML structure is a rule of thumb. Try to design a clean HTML structure, a tableless (liquid) structure is always recommended. Enough provisions for Alt tags, keyword rich Title, Meta description, Keywords and other header tags make your site’s HTML structure optimized enough.

Say NO to Frames
Search engine spiders are not being able to read frames. So, there is no use having frame based website.

No Flash based navigation menu
Your website navigation is one of the most vital factors for search engine rankings.  It should be user-friendly but also at the same time search engine friendly. The search engine robots follow the links to navigate across pages so as to get the whole website indexed in their database. Search engine spiders can’t index Flash and nor can follow Flash link structure.

Avoid Splash Page
Splash page designs are a strict no no. At times web designers insist on placing a flash intro with or just a big banner in the home page with a link like “Click Here to Enter”. Making the situation more worse, sometimes the link too is embedded in Flash. This makes it hard for the search engine spiders to crawl across and thus making it impossible for your site to rank high in search engines. Additionally a home page is the most important page of your site; when a search engine spider stumbles upon an non indexable content in the home page itself; the chances of your site getting ranked is doomed from the very start.

Alt Tag Placement
Make sure to use alt tag to all your images. Alt tag should be relevant and descriptive to your images thus ensuring a better search engine visibility of your website.

Sitemap Generation
Provide a Sitemap to your users and search engine robots.

“Click here” Anchor Texts
Just as search engine spiders crawl HTML links to navigate across pages, the keywords in the anchor text of the links contribute a lot to search engine rankings. Make sure to insert appropriate keywords within links to exploit maximum SEO benefits.

By following the above stated simple guidelines, you can render your page the very SEO boost it need. If you are interested in having an SEO friendly website design and want to rank high in Google. Please feel free to contact us.


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