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How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Theme

Installing the Genesis framework and a child theme is the same process for installing any WordPress theme.

You’re just installing two themes here.

There are two ways to install the Genesis parent theme or a Genesis child theme:

– manually with an FTP client (File Transfer Protocols transfer files from one host to another);

– automatically through the upload feature in the WordPress dashboard.

Below you will see both options…

Please note that for child themes to work, Genesis must first be installed (and must remain) in

the /wp-content/themes/ directory on your server.

1. Installing Genesis from inside WordPress

To install a theme from inside your WordPress admin panel, visit the Appearance menu item.

  1. Click on Install Themes.
  2. Select “Upload”.
  3. Using the browse link, find the zip file you downloaded to your computer from the link you received by email.
  4. Chose the zip and click the upload button.

Your theme is now installed. Do this for both Genesis and the child theme you purchased.

Now you may activate the child theme.

2. Installing using FTP

Alternatively, you may wish to install your theme(s) using FTP or your webhost control panel. If

you choose one of these methods, you must unzip the theme package on your computer first.

Some popular FTP programs to use in this process include CuteFTP, FileZilla and FireFTP for Firefox.

  1. Connect to your site via FTP and navigate to the theme directory (typically /wpcontent/themes/ ).
  1. Upload the entire “genesis” directory to the themes directory. It must be “genesis” not “Genesis 1.7.1” or have any other directories before genesis/style.css and the rest of the files.
  1. Upload the entire child theme directory to /wp-content/themes/. If you are renaming the child theme directory, avoid using special characters including spaces.
  1. Activate the child theme via the WordPress themes page in the dashboard.

If your blog is hosted on WordPress.COM, then you cannot install new themes there.

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