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How To Optimize Your Twitter Profile

World of marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., the consumers have found new channels to vent out their feelings and the business houses as well the entrepreneurs have discovered new ways to get connected to their target audience.

Among all the social networking sites, Twitter is wining the race for being “the first platform to break news, share news, and indexes faster than Google”. Twitter is getting bigger by the day, and it is becoming more difficult to get noticed among plethora of tweeple and twitteratti.

It has become important for the brands to optimize the Twitter profile to stay in the game. Question is – How to optimize your Twitter profile?

Content is not everything. If your Twitter profile has the generic background, the avatar is default Twiiter picture, tweets consist of only links to articles and seem robotic, then forget about being taken seriously by fellow Twitter members.

Smart and Real Username

The Twitter handle or more commonly known as the username gives an idea about your brand or personality. Title tags for your profile are your name under Profile settings and your username.

The username should be in tandem with your business website and all other profiles in different social media. Try to avoid numbers in the username as it can be considered as spam.

One can check the tool to check the availability of the desired username.

In case, your company trademark is being used by others, you can contact Twitter for violation of the Trademark Policy.

Profile Image

Use your name as the file name and the picture should be consistent throughout all the social media platforms. The picture can either be the business logo or the face of the brand.

Interesting Bio

It is important to load your bio with the most important information about your business and with strategic keywords. Twitter search engines use the keywords in the bio to give their search results when people are looking for tweeps to follow.

If you give URL, then give only one – preferably, to your website.

Creative Background Picture and Header Photo

Customize the background picture by doing the following:

  • Click the Settings.
  • Select the ‘Design’ tab.
  • Select “Change Background Image”.
  • Upload the image of your choice.

You can create an exclusive background image or can take help of many of the websites which provide background images to optimize your profile for Twitter. Same thing applies for the header photo.

Tweet Messages

While tweeting your messages, it is not appropriate to always post one liners about your company. Tweets should be relevant and relate to your customer. Sometimes, tweets related not to business are good. You can take help of sites like  for better understanding about how people are talking about their products.

It is ideal to post maximum 10 tweets a day but that should not be posted together.

The # symbol hashtag is used to denote topics or keywords in a tweet. It is good to use the symbol but remember:

  • Not more than three hashtags should be used in one tweet.
  • Avoid giving hashtag at the start of the tweet.
  • Find hashtags which are relevant and fits your topic area.
  • Use hashtags but do not overdo it.


Forwarding other’s tweets to your followers is an important part of Twitter strategy. You have to decide wisely which tweets you can forward and while re-tweeting a comment or by giving source twitter ID you can add your own comment too.

Also, if someone posts nice things about you, you can re-tweet it or mark it as favorite.

The more people re-tweet your messages, the more helpful it is to optimize your Twitter profile.

These are the basic rules which are must to follow to optimize your Twitter profile. If you ignore it, you are wasting your chance for optimum utilization of this channel. Happy Tweeting! 

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