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How To Rename A Genesis Child Theme?

How To Rename A Genesis Child Theme?
Genesis Framework from StudioPress is one of the best frameworks I have ever used for developing a WordPress site. It is highly flexible and customizable, all sorts of customization are achievable based on your requirements. The best thing about Genesis is it comes with 35+ child themes that offers you to develop any niche website within a very short period of time. I”ll be sharing couple of tutorials on different Genesis Child Theme customization in a series of posts, the first topic to share with you is “How to Rename Genesis Child Theme”. Renaming your child theme is essential for branding purpose.

Here is a step by step tutorial on renaming a Genesis Child Theme:

Before starting make sure while you are modifying theme’s codes some other theme is activated.

STEP 1: Download and unzip any Genesis Child Theme of your choice.

STEP 2: After unzipping Genesis child theme, rename the child theme folder.

STEP 3: After renaming of the child theme is done, open style.css file and edit it as follows:

   Theme Name: ebullientech
   Theme URL:
   Description: ebullientech is a Web Design, Development and Marketing Company
   Author: Mithu Sarkar
   Author URI:
   Version: 1.0.1
   Template: genesis
   Template Version: 1.8
   License: GNU General Public License v2.0
   License URI::

STEP 4: After adding the above line of codes, save the file and upload it via FTP or from wp-admin panel.

STEP5: Open functions.php and then edit the line of code that begins with Child theme:

/** Child theme (do not remove) */
define( 'CHILD_THEME_NAME', 'ebullientech' );
define( 'CHILD_THEME_URL', '' );

You may come across a theme which may not have the above lines within “functions.php” e.g., Metric Child Theme, simply add these 2 lines of code below the following lines:

// Start the engine

STEP 6: After adding the above line of codes, save the file and upload it via FTP or from wp-admin panel.

STEP 7: Activate your newly named theme from Appearance->Themes menu.

That’s it!!! You are done with the renaming of Genesis Child Theme. If you still have any confusion let me know via comments and I”ll be happy to help you.


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