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How To Scale Up Content Marketing For Your Startup

Content strategy for startups
Content marketing is all about creating an audience to accomplish some business goals, for example high revenue or more customers. Content has become the centre of marketing today. Every digital channel, including search, email, and social media, is dependent on it.

Here are some ways to scale up the content marketing strategies

Know your priorities and be focused on it

Content marketing can achieve a lot depending on the goal however without clear objective it’s like shooting in the dark. Converting leads to customers, growing traffic to the website or increasing revenue from existing customers; a well-planned content marketing strategy can help you reach all these objectives.

Identify your audience

Strategically identifying who your content should target will help you determine what kind of topics, ideas, and keywords you need to work with.

Your content marketing strategy should have two audience profiles.

Firstly, your primary audience that are people who are most likely to purchase your product or service. All the content you create should primarily target them.

Your secondary audience should be people who are almost a part of your primary audience but never make the cut. These people require more convincing from the content aspect which implies your content team should be more strategic with what they develop and write.

Create, Evaluate and Update

Develop the content which is relevant and is based on the latest updates. Creating and maintaining a content calendar always helps. Evaluate the performance of published content regularly. While content is important, it also matter to select the appropriate media to publish the content.

Build your credibility and trustworthiness

Branding is one of the most important marketing strategies for any start up. Expertise, authority, reputation and trustworthiness are the factor that helps in establishing a brand. These factors can be determined through click-through rate, time spent on page, unique visitors, bounce rate, engagement on social profiles etc.


Your content marketing strategy has a huge impact on your digital marketing roadmap. You need to re-evaluate your content marketing strategy to have an edge over your competitors as it’s your essential growth channel.

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