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How To Use Mobile Marketing Effectively?

Mobile marketing is the buzz of social media now. This is because the number of Smart phone users are increasing in leaps and bounds. Almost 20% people out of over 91% total mobile phone users are now using internet-capable Smart phones. More than 150 billion mobile text messages are being sent every month by these mobile devices and surprisingly these mobile text messages get opened at a rate of 90% within an hour of being sent. That is incredible!

Currently, mobile advertising has become a perfect way of promoting your products/services to your target audience. You know you never go anywhere without your phone and neither do your customers. No matter if your customer is watching TV, jogging or busy in a party, mobile marketing instantly connect with your customers through a single message. Send a message and it will arrive within a moment.

More and more companies are now taking advantage of mobile marketing to grow their business.

Let’s look at some of the components to mobile marketing.

  • First, there are the mobile directories to get listed in.
  • Next you want to be sure and have a mobile responsive website.
  • Make sure that all your potential customers receive your text messaging service
  • Your text messages should contain a catchy tagline and it should add value to your customers’ needs.
  • You can have your customers sign up to get text messages from you for special announcements or discount offers.

Also, don’t forget that smart phone users also get email on their phone and may check that before reading email on their computer.

Mobile marketing is a powerful marketing tool to enhance your business if executed in a proper way. SO, looking at the current trend you cannot afford to ignore mobile marketing campaign for your business.

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