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How to Write and Publish a Post in WordPress?

A step by step guide to write your first WordPress post:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administration panel (, replace with your owned domain)
  2. Click the Posts tab in the left panel
  3. Click the Add New Sub Tab  located under the Posts menuAdd New WordPress Post
  4. Put the title of your post in the Title field (read Enter title here written in gray), try not to use special characters in the title field
  5. Leave the Permalink field as is,  WordPress generates the Permalink from the title you have entered
  6. Select Visual (generally Visual is selected by default, do a double check before starting to put your content)
  7. Proceed with entering your post content
  8. If you are copying the content from notepad, then click on “Paste as Plain Text” icon and paste your content as shown in the image below:WordPress post paste as plain text
  9. If you are copying the content from word document, then click on “Paste from Word” icon and paste your content as shown in the image below:WordPress Paste from word
  10. Select a Category and/or Categories, add categories if required, make sure your post does not get published under Uncategorized
  11. Also create Tags for your post
  12. Once you are ready, the new post can be published just by clicking the Publish buttonWordPress Publish Post
  13. If you are not finished with the post make sure to keep it in Draft status, if you want to schedule the publication to a future date then set a future date and time against Publish: immediately, if you want you can even set an old date in the same field
  14. Don’t forget to input SEO fields (Keywords, Description, leave the title field blank to use the your post title in the title field)
  15. Preview your post before you finally Publish / Schedule for publishing

Click here to watch the WordPress TV AV for Writing and publishing a post by Michael Pick

Points to be considered while writing your blog post:

  1. Wear your SEO hat while choosing a title for your post, don’t stuff it with keywords only, come up with something intelligent, easy to remember, search friendly
  2. Proof read your content meticulously for spelling mistakes, wrong grammatical constructions, choosing of right vocabulary
  3. Write Search Engine Friendly content but make sure you don’t stuff the content with keywords only, write relevant, intelligent & useful content
  4. Wear your SEO hat while choosing Category and Tags for your content


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