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Keyword Research Is Critical Step For SEO

Before going into the details of the importance of keywords research for a website optimization, let’s try to explain the term. Keyword/Keywords are the search terms used by the people to find information on a particular topic using the search engines. So when people are looking for Social Media Marketing services, they will search for social media marketing firm, social media marketing
services, social media marketing consultants, social media marketing company and so on.

Keywords research is the most important aspect of SEO if you are trying to build a strong web presence.  Keywords research is the first step and one of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization as targeting irrelevant keywords will give you a poor search engine ranking and thereby not getting the desired traffic you wanted to. So, keywords research plays a major role in maximizing the effectiveness of the search engine optimization campaign.

You should start your keywords research prior to buying your domain as having your most relevant keyword in your domain name increases your chance of higher search engine ranking. Then you should perform an extensive keywords research based on the primarily researched keywords to get more variants of it, once your design and development is ready.

Following steps should be performed while doing keywords research for your website:

  • Create a list of relevant keywords including your primary and secondary set of keywords. Don’t forget to keep the long-tail keywords in your list as they will also drive traffic to your site.
  • Use different keyword tools like Google Ad words Keyword Tool, Word Tracker, MSN Adcenter to perform the keywords research.
  • List the search frequency of each keyword which will help you to generate the final short-listed keywords.
  • Keywords competition should also be checked as this is one of the deciding factors for selecting the keywords for a website. Some keywords have a high search volume that is too competitive to target at the very beginning of your SEO campaign. It is recommended to target the average competitive keywords initially and then gradually re-evaluate your keywords once your website gets momentum and starts getting traffic.

 Once your keywords are recognized, develop contents with your primary keywords in it but make sure to maintain the keyword density. Include your primary keywords in your website Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and Header tags. Your keywords should be placed strategically across your website in order to ensure a high search engine ranking. The placement of your keywords across the site will determine whether or not your site is ranked higher in search engines. So, your research and positioning of your keyword is crucial for your site towards search engine optimization.


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