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Google Adds Nutritional Information To Their Search Engine Results

Google Adds Nutritional Information To Their Search Engine Results

People who are health conscious, on special medical diets, or just trying to lose a few pounds will soon have a new weapon in their arsenal thanks to Google, who has unveiled plans to add the nutritional information of more than 1,000 different food … [Continue reading]

How to Overcome Exam Anxiety

Overcome Exam Anxiety from Examify … [Continue reading]

How to optimize your Facebook Page for EdgeRank?

Facebook EdgeRank

Finally Facebook explained its "Facebook Algorithm" in detail focusing the discussion on what they termed as "Edgerank". Unlike the search engine giant Google's algorithm for ranking search results, Facebook's Edgerank algorithm breaks every piece of … [Continue reading]

Dalton’s Atomic Theory from Examify

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Examify – Predict Questions for your next Exam


Examify is a brand new education portal in the world wide web intending to leverage artificial intelligence and crowd sourcing for various examinations. A preview of your next exam is just a click away. It's just the use of a simple software and … [Continue reading]

Basic SEO Tips While Designing Your Website

Designing a professional website is the first step towards your online branding and reputation. Just as the web designers know how to grab the visitor's eyeballs by designing a gorgeous looking website, similarly an effective SEO strategy holds the … [Continue reading]

How to Setup the Featured Tabs Widget in your Genesis Child Themes?

Genesis framework is by far one of the best framework for WordPress platform. many small and big companies are now using Genesis framework for setting up their websites. If you can customize and optimize as per your requirements, from the child … [Continue reading]

How to Write and Publish a Post in WordPress?

WordPress Paste from word

A step by step guide to write your first WordPress post: Log in to your WordPress Administration panel (, replace with your owned domain) Click the Posts tab in the left panel Click the Add New Sub … [Continue reading]

How To Use Mobile Marketing Effectively?

Mobile marketing is the buzz of social media now. This is because the number of Smart phone users are increasing in leaps and bounds. Almost 20% people out of over 91% total mobile phone users are now using internet-capable Smart phones. More than … [Continue reading]