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Protecting and Repairing Your Online Reputation

protecting and repairing your online reputation

Online Reputation Management is a technique to monitor the reputation of an individual or brand over the web with the aim to ensure a positive image in the global market. There are basically two aspects of online reputation management – protecting your reputation and repairing your reputation from the damage caused by the negative comment. A negative review or misleading information in complaints board, customer review websites, forums, blogs, articles or in social media sites can hugely affect your online reputation.

If you are building your company’s online presence, reputation management is going to be first priority. Being proactive about managing your online reputation will pay big dividends in the long run.

Here are some measures that should be taken to protect your online reputation:

  • Carefully evaluate how your name or your brand comes in a Google Search.
  • Set up alerts which will notify you of every new search query that appears on the internet against your name or brand.
  • Be sure to perform regular searches on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkiedin and Youtube as well.
  • Write unique and original articles relevant to your domain and post them in your blog. Plan on posting 2-3 blog post per week.
  • Share the same articles in different content distribution network with a link to your website.
  • Focus on strengthening your online presence through social media profiles and participate actively in the social media conversations.
  • Always keep a track on what is being said about you or your products online.
  • Publish positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Don’t forget the importance of Press Releases for protecting your online reputation
  • Now a days, information probably travels faster than light and a simple Facebook status or blog entry can damage your reputation. Any negative and misleading information about you or your brand appearing at the top of the search result leaves a bad impression on people searching for you or your company and to adding to your sufferings this content can’t be deleted, you can only suppress the listing in the search engines.

Here are some measures that should be taken to repair your online reputation:

  • First begin by registering new domains which will have positive content about you or your company.
  • Aggressively promote these domains to distribute the positive content over the web.
  • SEO and Online Reputation are complimentary to each other. So, make sure that your official site is properly optimized and appears at the top of the search results for your targeted keywords.

Apart from these apply all the strategies mentioned under Protection Mode to suppress the negative web pages and consumer complaint sites from the search results.

Always keep in mind that a credible and trustworthy image requires regular maintenance. Spend quality time in managing your reputation online.

These are just a few techniques for protecting and repairing your online reputation. For more information on the same mail me at mithu [at] mithusarkar [dot] [com].


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