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When it comes to social media marketing, 2021 has been quite an eventful year. From Facebook’s data breaches and government scrutiny to Snapchat’s unpopular update, we saw quite a few twirls in the field. The social media industry has come far away from what it used to be. And it continues to innovate and expand with breakneck speed.  The strategy that worked wonders for you in 2014 might not be so magical in the coming years.

Today every business must have a dependable strategy when it comes to social media marketing. And as the industry is constantly developing one must stay current on the freshest and anticipated trends.

To be on top of social media marketing in 2021, keep following trends in mind as they are here to stay:

1.     Social CEOs

It’s important now more than ever for company’s CEOs to be actively present on social media. It boosts a company’s online credibility and reputation, increases transparency and helps build trust.

There are several ways that a CEOs can have his or her voice heard. A few of the best ways are by posting to the company blog, writing on Medium, tweeting from a personal account, or writing blog posts on LinkedIn.

2.      User-generated content

Rather than spending time, money and resources to create relevant and interesting content, rely on user-generated content from your actual audience. It helps you connect with your followers and build a stronger relationship with them and saves you a lot of time and effort.

The content can be in the form of photos, videos, or memes.

3.      LinkedIn Ads

Advertisements are something which always makes an impact on audience. Though the impact could be good or bad. The last thing any business want to do is to turn the audience down with impersonal and invasive ads. LinkedIn is rolling out new ad features where you can personalize paid ad content and foster more authentic communication. This will surely gain popularity in coming years as it is something which will always be required.

4.      Data Research

Data research and valuable insights can work wonders for your business, hence invest your time and money in data research. Constantly optimizing and updating the social media marketing strategy is the need of this hour for any brand. Effective data insights can help in targeting the right audience and spending the lowest click cost.

5.      Chatbots will continue to trend

Artificial intelligence is now involved in every business somehow or other and it’s going to spread its roots deeper in coming years. AI and chatbots will be used extensively, shaping how businesses will function. Chatbots will act as a medium to reach out to customers and understand their requirements. This is a great way to increase engagement throughout the customer journey. Chatbots will give businesses the conception of how their clients talk, which will improve the response to their requirements.

6.      Quora

Quora is the most popular and frequently used Q&A platform. Not only it helps you find answers to questions related to different topics, it also helps you to network and create a brand. It can be used as a media to create brand awareness. It has a smart target audience and it is the perfect platform to display your expertise in a field.

Create your profile and use Quora to share details about your company. Follow topics relevant to your business or industry, answer the questions and participate actively in discussions relating to your brand as well as industry. Share links to your website or blog, wherever possible.

Conclusions: There are some other trends like augmented reality, Video advertising and many more which might pick-up the pace in future. The upcoming trends in 2021 are not limited to above mentioned however if a business is well prepared with these, it can handle any other change more efficiently. 

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