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Examify – Predict Questions for your next Exam

ExamifyExamify is a brand new education portal in the world wide web intending to leverage artificial intelligence and crowd sourcing for various examinations. A preview of your next exam is just a click away. It’s just the use of a simple software and relevant algorithm which will predicts your examination and help students to be familiar with the question pattern. Familiarizing yourself with previous question papers and your coming exam papers will not only help you get acquainted with these patterns and structures, but also help you study a lot smarter in much lesser time. According to Examify, it will  “even tell you whether you have been concentrating too much on magnetism and not enough thermodynamics”. Examify is launched in its beta version and covers 19 different exams from CBSE, ISCE, IB, ISC, IGCSE to SSC Maharashtra, here is the link to their exam list –

More exam papers and questions from different schools / colleges / universities / institutes will follow suit shortly. Even in beta version, this education portal has received a lot of accolades from both the students and critics. Lots of features will be implemented in a very short time, most importantly is the gamification feature where student can earn reward /credit points as and when they answer a question. Moreover Examify in the process of recruiting teachers and professors in their board to assist in the verification of student’s answers.

Self-directed study is becoming an integral part of learning in schools, colleges and universities and Examify has taken extreme care to ensure that their education portal offer you an even greater level of flexibility. So, why waste time? Jump on to and register for an invitation.

by Mithu Sarkar