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When it comes to social media marketing, 2021 has been quite an eventful year. From Facebook’s data breaches and government scrutiny to Snapchat’s unpopular update, we saw quite a few twirls in the field. The social media industry has come far away from what it used to be. And it continues to innovate and expand with breakneck speed.  The strategy that worked wonders for you in 2014 might not be so magical in the coming years.

Today every business must have a dependable strategy when it comes to social media marketing. And as the industry is constantly developing one must stay current on the freshest and anticipated trends. [Read more…]

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Currently Facebook has emerged as a popular model for online promotion and advertisement. Facebook is being used by most of the business owners to promote their products, services and offerings.

Marketing your business through Facebook adds a great value and gives you an advantage over your competitors who are still not using Facebook for their promotion. Facebook is growing as a popular marketing platform in the internet marketing industry and with over half a billion user worldwide, you can’t ignore Facebook while promoting your business online.  Your first step should be creating a Facebook business page if you are interested to use Facebook as a marketing tool. [Read more…]