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Talent Acquisition: The Biggest Pain Points in recruiting Top Level Employees


Talent acquisition teams have multiple responsibilities of recruiting employees across different levels in the company. Of this, the most challenging and difficult recruitment is that of top level employees. Top level employee recruitment results in greater recruitment challenges and is more complex because of criticality and confidentiality involved. We give you a list of challenges associated with recruiting top level employees.

1. Limited channels of recruitment: Top level positions are often confidential and are not easily advertised. As a result, the challenges and opportunities for recruitment are greatly magnified. Hiring via social media, which is becoming a very popular mode of hiring may not work in this case, and may not even be advisable. You may need to enquire from your networks or connections or take the services of a recruitment service provider. As the channels of recruitment are limited, it leads to other recruitment challenges as well.

2. Longer time to close: Limited hiring solutions available for recruiting top level employees means longer time to hire. So you cannot really look at reducing hiring pain and time when you are recruiting top management. As this is likely to be a critical position for your company, it makes sense for you to interview at least 3 strong candidates for the position before closing on one. You will need to have multiple rounds of interviews and different members of your team should be involved in this decision. All this will increase your recruitment efforts, and consequently the time taken.

3. More expensive: Not only does recruiting top level employees take time, but is also more expensive when compared to other levels of recruiting. Recruitment service providers and manpower consultants charge a higher fee for these types of hiring. Further, in most cases, you cannot turn to cheaper hiring solutions like hiring via social media as these Online Crowd-Assessed Hiring Solutions for Employers may not be very appropriate.

4.  More care to be taken while recruiting top level employees: A top level employee is critical to run the vertical he represents. As a result, the recruitment should be done with greater care. You may need to use innovative recruitment strategies and novel assessment models to gauge the suitability of the candidate. You are hiring as a recruiting relationship for this critical position. Therefore in addition to judging the qualifications and skill sets, it is important to test the soft skills and culture fit of the person you are recruiting.

5. Package negotiation can be more challenging: A good candidate will know his worth and may not be willing to compromise. Therefore negotiation of the compensation package can be more challenging when you recruit top level employees. This can also be the reason for delaying the hiring decision. Take your time to understand the pros and cons of a particular package, but don’t wait too long, as a good candidate will not stick around forever for your offer.

6. Reference checks to be done with more precision: Do your background reference checks carefully, more to understand the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Also do your own research, as it is very important to select the right candidate. Although this may not really be challenging, it can delay the recruiting process and make it more painful.

Recruiting is a tough job. It’s hard to find a perfect one but patience and precision will help you to overcome your biggest recruitment challenges and hit your hiring goals.

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