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User Intent is the Future of SEO

Recently search engines algorithms are focusing around user search intent to improve their search experience. Current SEO has become more than just stuffing a page full of keywords, it’s more of engineering approach.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a methodology of strategies to maximize the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring high search engine listing for it’s relevant keywords. During all these years SEO means researching the appropriate keywords and incorporating those across the website to achieve higher search engine listings. With the evolution in Google algorithm in the last couple of years, it seems like future of SEO will have a lot less to do with keywords and a lot more to do with user search intent.

Let’s take a look to understand the audience and the steps needed to create content to get the visibility in Google:

Firstly, we do A/B testing and analytics to understand the behavior of our target audience. One tool to understand the mind of your target audience is to build customer personas. Customer personas will help you in identifying the components that you can fill with quality content and aimed at solving their problems. EG: A middle-aged person will consume content differently than a teenage girl. The content should be created with specific pointers based on the different age-group to drive more traffic and lead to online conversions and sales.

User Intent and Keyword Research

If your business wants to grow its online presence and attract more relevant users , then you should focus on the intent of your users. The “user intent” is then translated to the digital marketing world through the keywords and search terms used by users who are searching for a particular product or service offerings. Next is to create content around keywords to satisfy your user intent. For Google, this ensures people keep coming back to your website and help to build brand loyalty with Google’s product suite.

Although keyword research remains an essential component of semantic SEO, your business needs to change it’s perspective it for implementing keywords. Integrating semantic search terms will enrich your content and make your online presence stronger to your audience. The future of SEO strategies need to revolve around the intent of users and the quality of your content. In order to retain your customers, you need to make sure your website content is relevant to your audience and easily visible in search engines.

The future of SEO will include a strong involvement from voice search, especially around content and keyword research. With the expansion of Google’s question/answer knowledge graphs — as well as the push for smart home technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Echo — there will be a shift in content marketing to solve the immediate needs that come from voice search queries.

As digital marketers and SEO professionals we must change our approach towards the optimization. Instead of thinking from the perspective of a search engine and how to create content to satisfy a search engine algorithm, we must think as a site or business owner and ultimately as the person entering the query on the search engine.

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