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Why Corporate Reputation Management Is So Important Today?

How much is your Reputation at risk?

Creating a positive image of your company is very important whether it is a location based business or via the internet and the latter relies hugely on corporate reputation management. Currently, the business world is moving to a more internet based business module and to have a website available to consumers online is a normal part of business these days. Corporate reputation management ensures to have a positive image of your brand over the web.

Now a days information travels at the speed of a click through the interent and it only takes a minute to post a negative review about your brand. A negative review or misleading information in complaints board, customer review websites, forums, blogs, articles or in social media sites can hugely affect your online reputation. The most damaging aspect is that these websites are frequently crawled by the search engines as they get fresh content in a regular basis and appear easily in the search engine listing when someone searches for your brand. Today, many corporates suffer from the rip-off reports causing them not only to loose their image but also their revenue and online business growth. You can have a successful business strategy combined with a perfect product or services offered but until you have a solid corporate reputation management plan, you won’t be able to sustain across the web.

Corporate Reputation Management or Online Brand Management – How it Works

The first and foremost step is to ensure the quality of your products or services to be aligned with the values that your customer expects from your brand.

You should have a good SEO to maintain the searche engine listing for your brand keywords. It will make tougher for the negative review to have a higher rank in the search engines. An effective SEO strategy also protects you against future negative comments.

Each client has an unique nature so always seek to resolve issues directly with your offended customer over the phone.

Distribute content through the content sharing sites and update them at a regular interval. Content should be distributed in both text and audio,visual format over the internet. This will increase the visibility of positive information and reduce the visibility of the negative ones.

Keep a constant watch on different audio,video sites as information is shared through these mediums as well.

Create and optimize social networking profiles to monitor online coversations regarding your brand. Also this will help you to provide a timely response to your customers and you”ll be alerted if there is an adverse situation.

Apart from the social media conversations, you need to track the blog posts, forums and articles and any comments associated with them.

Don’t forget the importance of Press Releases for promoting your brand online.

The key to effective corporate reputation management is to be pro-active and monitor your online status regularly before it damage your brand reputation. Corporate Reputation Defense is an ongoing activity as it fixes your  negative listing as well as protect the positive image of your brand.


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