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Talent Acquisition: The Biggest Pain Points in recruiting Top Level Employees


Talent acquisition teams have multiple responsibilities of recruiting employees across different levels in the company. Of this, the most challenging and difficult recruitment is that of top level employees. Top level employee recruitment results in greater recruitment challenges and is more complex because of criticality and confidentiality involved. We give you a list of challenges associated with recruiting top level employees.

1. Limited channels of recruitment: Top level positions are often confidential and are not easily advertised. As a result, the challenges and opportunities for recruitment are greatly magnified. Hiring via social media, which is becoming a very popular mode of hiring may not work in this case, and may not even be advisable. You may need to enquire from your networks or connections or take the services of a recruitment service provider. As the channels of recruitment are limited, it leads to other recruitment challenges as well. [Continue reading]

How does Zoom work? Zoom or Google Meet – Which one is better?

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WHAT IS OTT? How OTT is changing the current media space?

OTT Platforms

  OTT stands for “over the top” where content is delivered via the internet connection instead of the traditional cable / broadband operators. The term OTT is commonly being applied to video-on-demand platforms but also refers to message … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to do Keyword Research like a Pro

how to do keywords research

Keyword research is one of the critical SEO components which is being used to identify popular and trending keywords searched by the users for the respective genre. Good keyword research helps in recognizing your target audience as well as the user … [Continue reading]

How To Scale Up Content Marketing For Your Startup

Content strategy for startups

Content marketing is all about creating an audience to accomplish some business goals, for example high revenue or more customers. Content has become the centre of marketing today. Every digital channel, including search, email, and social media, is … [Continue reading]

5 Instagram Tips for Beginners

Instagram tips for beginners

Tips to rock Instagram like a Boss!! With such a huge fan base and popularity, I wonder you are yet a beginner. But don’t worry it’s always better to be late than never 😉 So here is the thing, Instagram is not just a social media platform to … [Continue reading]

How to Install Genesis Framework and Child Theme

Installing the Genesis framework and a child theme is the same process for installing any WordPress theme. You're just installing two themes here. There are two ways to install the Genesis parent theme or a Genesis child theme: - manually … [Continue reading]

4 Important SEO building blocks for a successful brand online

SEO tutorial

Optimisation, knowledge-content creation, crawlability and brand engagement are all important components to focus while building a successful brand online.SEO is one of the major foundation blocks for a brand's success as it helps in reputation … [Continue reading]